Mini Cruiser Skate Board for Beginners




e Megvoya Cruiser Skateboard has a mini cruiser deck and provides a very strong platform to balance you to control the wheel, enabling riders to glide effortlessly. It features quality plastic deck and 4 smooth casters, bringing flexing that allows the deck to bend a little bit with each move, acting like springs that help cushion the blow of vertical forces for better balance. Bright colors and fashionable patterns are not just a sight to the eye but also a part of street culture. It’s fun, it’s hip, it’s a way of life. Perfect Holiday Gift for Loved Ones With a size of 22" x 6'', the board weighs merely 3.5 pounds yet is able to withstand a load of 220 pounds. The truck adjustment is intuitive, and you can easily adjust it to fit your needs. The compact body makes it perfect for children, teenagers, or young adults. To keep it safe while skateboarding, riders should wear protective gear, and be accompanied by adults if they’re children.

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